3D Mini Me is located at 712 Duval street in Key West 305-849-9130

Free Parking Available

Now you can have your own mini replica model of yourself or loved one thanks to the use of 3D scanning and printing technology from 3D Mini Me.  

Prices start at $39 Eerily lifelike models of people are made in several sizes from 3 inches to 14 inches and use a combination of 3D scanning and printing technology to capture an individual's features.

The full color sculpture will show details from clothes and facial expression and even the shade of lipstick will be transferred to a custom 3D printed composite model, you'll be amazed by the level of detail and how amazing it is to see yourself or loved ones in the palm of your hand.

The process is simple, stop by our location and get scanned in our 3D photo booth in less than 1 second. from there you simply choose the size and add a custom base.  That's it!    Your 3D Mini Me will arrive to your mailbox in about 4-6 weeks.

Step into a realm where reality shrinks and wonder expands, for within the vibrant walls of 3D Mini Me Key West, magic takes miniature form. Here, your reflection isn't just captured, it's immortalized, sculpted in vibrant pixels of light, then breathed into life by the alchemists of the 3D printing age. Imagine, dear traveler, a world where your laughter lines are etched in miniature, your mischievous grin frozen in ceramic joy.

Your furrowed brow, a testament to life's adventures, captured with such precision, it seems you could almost pluck away the worry. In these tiny replicas, every freckle, every strand of windswept hair, becomes a brushstroke in the symphony of you. Forget portraits that hang flat and silent, these mini-mes are vibrant storytellers. Place them on your desk, and they'll wink conspiratorially as you tackle deadlines. Tuck them in your pocket, and they'll become pocket-sized guardians, warding off gloom with their impish smiles. Gift them to loved ones, and watch as hearts swell with the wonder of holding their dearest in miniature, a constant reminder of cherished bonds.

But 3D Mini Me Key West is more than a mere marvel of technology. It's a portal to playful possibilities. Picture an army of mini-yous, each clad in miniature pirate garb, storming a sandcastle fort. Imagine, a wedding cake adorned with miniature bride and groom, dancing a jig of joyous commitment. Or perhaps, a family reunion where generations gather, not in person, but in tiny, technicolor selves, a testament to the enduring ties that bind. So step into this workshop of whimsy, dear adventurer.

Let the scanners capture your essence, and witness the alchemy of your digital self becoming a tangible treasure. Take home a piece of magic, a pocket-sized echo of your soul, and remember, within the walls of 3D Mini Me Key West, the only limit is your imagination. Come, one and all, and be miniaturized! Let your inner elf dance a jig upon your desk, let your inner astronaut soar among your pens, and let your inner you, forever frozen in miniature, remind you of the grand, whimsical, magnificent being you truly are. © 2018. All Rights Reserved.