Acrylic Cut Out From Your Photo

Beautiful, Permanent, Laser-cut Acrylic Photo Statues
Made From Your Photos

Fabulous acrylic works with your photos and graphics to create Photo Cutouts. Photo Trophies, 3-D Photo Popouts, We laminate, mount, and laser-cut your images to create unique, one-of-a-kind dynamic displays. Far better than framing and rectangular prints.

This is a great alternative if the person cannot be 3d scanned in our studio.

Acrylic Cut Out (background removed)

UP TO 4" x 6"   with black beveled base      $49.95
UP TO 5" x 7     with black beveled base      $59.95
UP TO 8" x 10"    with black beveled              $69.95

Larger Sizes Available

3-D POPOUT on base: (with background)

Photo Pop-outs are a great way to display those photos when the background is important to the overall image, or where the final product will just look better in a rectangular format.

4" x 6" with black beveled base   $59.95
5" x 7" with black beveled base     $69.95
8" x 10 with black beveled base   $79.95

Larger Sizes Available

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