Start your own Business.

This is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to get started in a 3d printing business.

3d printing service and scanning stores are one of the fastest growing retail services in the world. The possibilities are endless for 3d printing stores and the demand is growing as the technology becomes more advanced.  Our store is unique because we have our 3d printers in the front of our store and are always printing so customers can come in and see the 3d printers in action, we answer questions from customers about 3d printing and create a 3d experience for people who have never seen this amazing new technology in person. 

We have developed the most affordable portable 3d scanning and printing system in the world, at the lowest operation costs. Our custom scanning software and online training center is complete with training videos for scanning, uploading and downloading scans. All the information you need to get started from the sales pitch to gift bags including : lighting, scanning area, business cards, mini me samples, posters, sales receipts format, pricing guidelines. We also guide you how to 3d print other items to to sell as add on items like bases, custom name plaques, benches, and much more. 

All you need to do is the fun part of taking the 3d scan of your customer, we take care of the rest. 

We can ship the finished mini me back to you or be shipped directly to your customer. We will provide you with all the answers and guide you through the 3d scanning techniques that we have perfected.  

You can work from home or open your store in a mall or other high traffic areas, you will be amazed as the crowds grow around you and the people light up as they see the mini me's.

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Affiliate package: $10,000

This program is for entrepreneurs  who want to start their own business and are ready to learn how to do the scanning with the help of our training videos and personal support. 

  • New portable 3d scanner
  • New ipad
  • 3D Mini Me proprietary scanning software
  • Custom led light ring
  • 12 full color mini me display samples
  • 50 Cloud Processing Exports per month
  • Step by step video tutorials

New Portable scanning booth available now